Menu Planning Monday October 4th: When life happens and your menu plan doesn’t

So last week shortly after I posted and committed to my menu plan for the week I changed my mind. I had the windows open and was enjoying the fresh almost cool air and all I could smell was BBQ. It was 5pm or so, too late to actually make some BBQ so in a moment of weakness I sent Paul to Rudy’s to pick up some slow smoked sliced brisket. Now this stuff is not cheap, I think it is close to $12 a pound, so I decided to make sides for the meat while he was out. I put together some twice baked potatoes, low cal creamed spinach and corn bread.

Now the real issue when this happens is what to do with the food you bought and the plan you had. What I do is I look at how many meals need cut from the plan, in our case it was two because of course he bought more than we needs so I saved ½ of what he brought back and cut it up to make BBQ sandwiches later in the week. I start by looking at what produce I bought and what meals share components. In this case I needed to use the broccoli that was slated for two meals and the chicken that went for two meals. What I ended up cutting completely was the shrimp Alfredo, I moved it to this week, and used that broccoli to make a soup for lunches and a broccoli slaw as a side for another night. I then cut the sloppy Joes and placed the BBQ sandwiches in their place and added the slaw. Since the shrimp and the ground turkey were in my freezer there was no waste.

Our weekend plans also changed a few times so I made the pizza on Friday instead of Saturday. We were supposed to go to a cook out at a friend’s on Saturday but when that was canceled I was left with the pasta salad I had made in advance… and nobody was interested in having just that for dinner. So I pulled out that ground turkey that we did not use and made burgers to go with it. I find it helps to think of the menu plan as a guide to the week and not as a limiting schedule that prevents you from enjoying the unexpected moments.

Next week I plan to dive into the topic of how planning a month or more at a time can actually make menu planning less constricting. Now on to this week’s menu plan…

Much Love, Aislinn and Emily

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One Response to Menu Planning Monday October 4th: When life happens and your menu plan doesn’t

  1. Randy says:

    Great Idea!!! I just hope more people read about how important menu planning really is…This would actually help me get a variety of foods into my diet…THANK YOU 🙂

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