Menu Planning October 18, 2010: Adding new and fun things to your menu plan

Sometimes menu planning and grocery shopping can become monotonous.  It’s good to be a little adventurous, so the next time you are shopping how about looking for an ingredient in the store you have never eaten or cooked with before?

Last week we were in the produce section, which is always a good place to look for something new, and we found yucca root. We had never eaten and obviously never cooked with it before but it was only a dollar so even if it was gross it would be a new experience. When we got home I looked it up online and found out that it can be grated and it is similar to a potato in some ways so I decided to combine with regular mashed potatoes and see how it goes.

So in an effort to inspire you, and us, in the kitchen we will be posting a recipe (or a fun post on a failed experiment) periodically in the future. Tune back in to hear all about mashed yucca root and see if it is worth making.

Here is what we are having this week…

Check out organizing junkie for more menu suggestions.

Much love, Aislinn and Emily

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One Response to Menu Planning October 18, 2010: Adding new and fun things to your menu plan

  1. Zom G says:

    What a neat find! Yucca is a peruvian staple, although I cook it far too little. They make yummy “french fries” too! The root is sometimes also called cassava, so you might find more recipes that way. Have a delicious week, the menu looks fantastic!

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