Menu Planning Monday October 24th: Grocery shopping at more than one store

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you my methods for planning a menu a month at a time. One of the ways in which having this meal plan so far ahead of time is helpful is when it comes to grocery shopping. I like to get the best deals on the foods that we buy so in order to do that I have to shop at multiple stores. I don’t use coupons for most things simply because most of the foods I get do not have coupons available. Instead I focus on planning and shopping with the sale ads in mind.

I only buy meat when it is on sale or in bulk from the butcher. We buy our eggs locally from a place that sells them a dollar a dozen. I go to a bread outlet for our bread, buns and tortillas but I only go there once every other month, I spend about $15 and keep everything in our deep freezer until it’s needed. We shop at Costco for specific items that are cheaper in bulk such as shredded cheeses and almonds, dog food and dish detergent. Once in awhile we go to a specific dollar store that is 45 minutes away because they have certain food that is cheaper there than anywhere else, I can get coconut milk, roasted red peppers and sometimes full size containers of miracle whip all for under a dollar.

For the majority of our food shopping I go to Sprouts, Aldi’s, and Kroger, in that order, every other Wednesday. Sprouts has a double ad day every Wednesday and since that is where I get the majority of our produce I like to take advantage of the cheapest prices. Kroger and Aldi’s begin their weekly sales on Wednesday as well so they are more likely to have the good deals in stock. The point of doing all this is to feed our family of three adults and two large dogs for under $300 a month. If you have a great strategy that works for you that is all that matters, if you don’t or are looking for ways to improve your budget you may want to think about shopping at multiple stores and really zeroing in on specific stores for specific items.

This week we are having…

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Much Love, Aislinn and Emily

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