Menu Planning Monday November 15th: Planning for Visitors

The following week my in-laws will be coming to stay with us before heading out on a cruise. Moving into our current house has really allowed us to entertain comfortably; there is plenty of room for everyone to have their own space as well as enough room for us all to be in common areas at the same time. Fortunately they have the ability to visit us once or twice a year and they are always gracious enough to help us with projects around the house. The only thing that takes any real effort is planning the meals for the visit. Obviously you need to check and make sure that no one has any dietary needs, in our case it seems that every member on both sides of the family has not only restrictions but also preferences to consider and eating schedules.

When our mom stays with us we have to consider her wheat allergy and make sure there is always something gluten free for her. Our dad is more of a meat and potatoes guy so I serve more beef when he visits then I normally would. My mother in law is diabetic so I make sure to have sugar free options for dessert, breakfast syrup and desserts. My father in law tends to eat smaller meals more often and has a list of preferences that I do my best to work in. Everyone always says not to make a fuss when they are here but I think it’s important to make people feel at home when staying with you.

I like to make a more complicated meal the first night we have visitors and then work in meals that meat everyone individual tastes throughout the rest of the week. The pot roast that Sunday can be ready any time during a two hour window. I selected a soup that allows each person to add toppings followed by an Italian style dish because in my experience everyone in my family will be happy with that. I also make sure to leave some room in the plan for eating out, I used to not do that and then we would always have these ingredients were not used because we went out instead. Don’t forget that your guests will most likely be eating breakfast and lunch at your home as well, I tend to make a larger breakfast every other day with something more simple worked in  addition to having sandwich fixings available for lunches. I also try and make meals that are not very time specific as to when they need to be served.  Lastly if your visitors happen to be coming during a holiday I like to make sure that whatever food traditions they are accustomed to are worked into the holiday meal if possible. Good Luck!

This is our current Menu:

For more holiday and menu planning tips check out organizing junkie

Much Love, Aislinn and Emily

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