Menu Planning Monday December 13, 2010: How to properly assemble a cookie tray

I have seen several posts on other blogs about packaging a shipping food but I haven’t seen very many that explain the best way to assemble a cookie tray. I consider myself to be somewhat of a perfectionist in this area, not just with cookies but veggies, crackers fruits… you name it. It’s not that I have ever done this in a professional setting, more that it has always been my job to make them for family gatherings and over the years I have perfected my technique. There are a few important things to consider before putting your tray together, how many people is this tray supposed to feed, how many types of cookies, what tray will you be using, how far and in what way will the tray need to travel, how long will the cookies be sitting out uncovered, are people going to be taking the cookies home and if so how will they get there and last but not least do you have a theme or featured cookie that needs to be worked in such as the hosts favorite cookie.

Once you have the answers to the questions above then you may start actually assembling the tray. If you expect the cookies to be exposed for a long time or taken home by people you may want to place the cookies in some sort of baggie or bring them along for packaging at the end. If you decide to place them in baggies for the tray itself you can either place one of each kind of cookie in the baggies and then make a large pile and call it done or you can place each type of cookie in its own bag, especially important if some of the cookies have strong flavors such as peppermint that may affect the other cookies on the tray.

Assuming you are going to pile the cookies directly on the tray then the actual placement will depend on the shape of the tray, round or square, and how many types of cookies will go on there. I like to put all of one kind of cookie together, I think it looks nicer and it helps in the overall placement on the tray. You can either make piles, alternating flavors and colors to make for a nice arrangement or you can make rows or wedges of the cookies. If the tray is large and there will be multiple layers then it’s important to start with the sturdy cookies with no frosting or angles on the bottom, something like a brownie or bar cookie, working your way towards the cookies with color and decorations. The most important thing is to feature the cookies in a beautiful and plentiful way; after all you went to all the trouble of making them in the first place!

Aside from cookies this week we are having…

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Much Love, Aislinn and Emily

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2 Responses to Menu Planning Monday December 13, 2010: How to properly assemble a cookie tray

  1. mom says:

    Hey! looks good. I had no idea our tray’s were so complicated. guess after years of doing them you don’t think about it anymore. great explination and beautiful photos. I know you put alot into your trays they look so pretty love you both mom

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