Menu planning Monday February 7th: Menu planning for one

This week Paul and I are going to Kansas so that we may complete our class and become certified barbeque judges. I realize that this may sound odd but every barbeque cook off or competition must be judged in order to determine a winner and those people are trained to do so.  Emily on the other hand will be here at the house enjoying the luxury that is alone time. Our menu plan this week is a reflection of our being away and her cooking and eating for one. Obviously as a grown woman who has lived on her own she knows how to feed herself so this plan is more an attempt to use up odds, ends and single servings of things that have been lying around for awhile. Then why bother meal planning you may ask? I’ll tell you why, because no matter the circumstances it’s tried and true that without a menu plan then food gets wasted, dinner doesn’t get made and money is unnecessarily spent on take out. I will also admit to being a little bit of a control freak about the ingredients that I have purchased in preparation for something specific and it can really negatively impact my future weeks of menus if food starts to disappear.


So how do you make a plan for those at home when you are not there to make sure that the food is made? The key is to ask the person who will be preparing meals what they would prefer. When Paul is the one left to fend for himself he would rather reheat something so I usually leave him dinner that just needs placed in the oven. Emily prefers to have a list of things she can quickly make herself when she gets home from work so that is what I did for her. I rummaged through the freezer and found a 2 pack of veggies burgers and a single serving of pulled pork and 2 pita breads that are left over from something else so those made the list. She also loves breakfast for dinner where as Paul does not so that makes up the other day. We get home Sunday night but there will not be enough time to really cook anything so we are having lasagna that is in the freezer. Keep in mind that menu planning is important even if you are not going to be there, as long as someone will be home eating a plan is needed.


This week Emily will be eating…


Check out organizing junkie for more tips and ideas


Much love, Aislinn and Emily

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