Menu Plan Monday February 28th: Saving money with coupons while still eating healthy

Here is the thing about coupons; the vast majority of them are for food that we don’t eat. I have no use for prepackaged foods, no matter how cheap pop tarts are I wouldn’t be buying them. Also, coupons are almost exclusively for name brand products so if the item is not also on sale then often times even with a coupon the store brand is still cheaper. In other words I have found that it takes quite a bit of time to gather coupons, sort them, watch the sales flyers, match up the coupons with the sales and then adjust my meal plans to take advantage of those sales. After the first two weeks of trying to do all this I decided that it would be better if I focused my couponing on cleaning products, toiletries and household products.

No matter how good of shoppers we are at the grocery store and no matter what foods we typically buy at the end of the day we all need laundry detergent, deodorant and toilet paper. I look at it like this; if I can save money on those items then it gives me more money to spend on actual food. I do still clip coupons for food that we use, there are some for dairy products and salad dressings or deli meat but I don’t save nearly as much on groceries as I do household items.

For those of you who buy real food, and I say that with no judgment, are you able to save money with coupons?

This week we are having…

For more tips and menu plans check out organizing junkie

Much love, Aislinn and Emily

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