Menu Planning Monday March 7: Planning around increased grocery prices

I mentioned last week that I started using coupons this year to help decrease our food budget. Well I guess the timing was somewhat serendipitous as no sooner do I get a basic handle on using them do grocery prices jump. Even though it is spring here in Texas and we would normally start to see a better produce selection the gas prices and southern winter storms last month have really caused some issues in that department. Some items we are simply going without;  for example we were supposed to have zucchini and corn pizza this last Saturday but because zucchini was $2.99 a pound we skipped it and had to make a different pizza all together. There are of course some items, like lettuce, that is a staple in our home and we can’t really not purchase it even though it is double the normal price.

Milk is also quite a bit pricier than normal, since we are not big milk drinkers over here we are going to stick with one gallon per two weeks and when we are out we are out. I am relying on my store fliers more than usual to know not just what the great deals are but also what items are not shown that i would expect to see. Other than that we are having to make changes and be more flexible than usual when deciding what meals make the list. I guess I should be thankful that we didn’t do a pantry challenge in January like many people did because then we would have less to fall back on. How are increases in grocery prices affecting your menu planning?

This week we are having…

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Much love, Aislinn and Emily

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