Menu Planning Monday March 14th: finding inspiration for variation in recipes

I know that many of us find ourselves in a food planning rut. It seems like the same dinners get made over and over, sometimes that is because they are family favorites but most often its because we lack inspiration for new recipes. I find that the best way to combat the problem is to look for alternative preparations and flavors for those tried and true recipes. Making completely new recipes on a regular basis can take tons of extra time and can make a week night overly complicated, but simply topping meat loaf with bbq sauce instead of the traditional sauce can be a fast way to make something new.  Often time’s magazines or online resources will have articles that list ideas such as 50 things to make with spaghetti noodles or the 10 best tilapia recipes. Sometimes I will even just jot down some basic ideas for my menu plan like burgers, lasagna, pancakes, etc. and then specifically google ideas for recipes and come back with much more interesting dinners like feta topped Greek burgers or Mexican lasagna.

The other week my mom sent me a list of 50 alternate nacho toppings because she knows that my husband would eat nachos every week if I would make them. Last Friday night we had bacon and egg nachos, which are basically eggs, pinto beans, cheddar cheese, bacon and salsa. The nachos were pretty good, but most importantly to me was that it was something different I had never made before. If I make nachos once a month but make a new variation each time we could go over 4 years without ever eating the same thing on nacho night!

This week we will be making…

For more menu plan ideas head over to Organizing junkie

Much love, Aislinn and Emily

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One Response to Menu Planning Monday March 14th: finding inspiration for variation in recipes

  1. angie says:

    awesome meal plan sounds delicious

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