Menu Planning Monday March 28: Grocery shopping two weeks at a time


A few months ago I shared with you my tips for menu planning a month at a time, one of the greatest pay offs to planning that way is that I am able to make the most of my grocery shopping excursions. I once read an article about grocery shopping and it said that the more times we set foot in the store the more we spend over all. I suppose that is rather obvious but it did help me to decide that going on my actual grocery shopping trips twice a month was plenty. The goal is to spend $100 on each of my two trips and then to use the remaining $100 at the specialty stores we frequent such as the bread outlet or the Asian market.

Since I do not purchase fresh produce each week I have to take into consideration how long ingredients will last in the refrigerator. Many vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, zucchini, eggplant and cabbage tend to last the entire two weeks, sometimes even longer. Other vegetables such as green beans, pea pods, sprouts and mushrooms need to be used within the first 5 days or they will go bad. On my menu plan I put an * in front of the days that I will grocery shop, for me this is every other Wednesday because that correlates the best with my ad fliers. The * helps me to visually see how close any meal that is planned is to the grocery trip so that I can make sure that our food is not wasted.  I will be going to the store this coming Wednesday, so that means the food we have at the beginning of the week are all ingredients that were purchased on the 16th and the meals planned on Wednesday or after are all with fresh ingredients.

I know some of you might be thinking that if I am careful with the budget then why not shop every week and have the freshest ingredients as often as possible. I find grocery shopping to be time consuming for one thing but more importantly when I used to shop every week I would over buy and food would get wasted. I encourage everyone to really consider shopping less often; I find it makes the entire menu planning, shopping and cooking aspect of life much less of a burden. How often do you grocery shop?


This week we will be having…



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Much love, Aislinn and Emily

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