Menu Planning Monday April 4th: 10 things to make with pita bread

So I was digging through my bread freezer… yes, the freezer above my second refrigerator is dedicated to bread, and found a bag of pita bread. I remember putting them in there but I guess I forgot because when I saw them I was very excited and starting of all the possible meals we could make with them. I always make extra when I make pita bread because it is somewhat time consuming. Sometimes I make a triple batch but most of the time I just double it so that we can get a second meal from one effort. When it comes to bread or dough it rarely takes more time or effort to make multiples. I thought it might be fun to share some of the meals we make with pita bread to perhaps give inspiration to those who are looking for a reason to make them.

1.      Pizza: and obvious suggestion but a great choice as a base for a quick dinner or when everyone wants different toppings

2.      Crockpot gyros: It is very difficult to simulate a traditional shaved meat gyro at home but I like ground lamb and turkey combined with spices and slow cooked.  Topped with traditional yogurt based condiments, red onion and cucumber this meal is both easy and delicious

3.      Pita chips with hummus: If you have extra pita bread this is a great use for it. Just cut into wedges, dust with seasoning of choice and bake until crisp.

4.      Cinnamon and sugar pitas: One of our favorite desserts when we were teenagers was to microwave a pita bread topped with spray butter and cinnamon sugar… it may not sound like much but I promise you it tastes great.

5.      Falafel wraps: This is one of our families favorite vegetarian meals, we bake the patties to keep it healthier but it’s still a very satisfying sandwich

6.      Spinach, tomato and feta egg scramble in a pita: This happens to be one of the best ways to eat eggs in my opinion. I like the mix of flavors and of course putting all of it inside a pita makes it both portable and easier to eat.

7.      Chicken gyros: There are so many great recipes out there for chicken gyros and all of the ones we have tried have been good. I like to make this when I am trying to decide what to do with chicken because it is an obviously better choice than the boring stand by’s.

8.      Grilled pita wedges: This may seem like the same thing as pita chips but grilling changes the flavor and texture of most foods, most of the time for the better!

9.      Greek nachos: If you happen to have left overs of any of the above meals or just so many pitas that you could have trays of pita chips then perhaps making them into nachos is the way to go. Pile all your Greek flavored favorites onto toasted pita chips, top with feta cheese and bake until warmed through.

10.   Pita croutons: I like to add little chunks of toasted pita to Greek salads; I think it’s a nice touch and a great use for all of the broken pieces.

This week we are having pita bread and…

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Much Love, Aislinn and Emily

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One Response to Menu Planning Monday April 4th: 10 things to make with pita bread

  1. Rona says:

    There’s lot of yummy meals planned this week.

    Have a wonderful week.

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