Menu Planning Monday May 23rd: Catching up with groceries and the budget

As you know I grocery shop every two weeks but I budget for them on a monthly basis. I think if I had to do it all over again I would budget for each of those two week trips in order to keep things consistant but also to prevent the issue we have this week. Just like with payroll for people that get paid every Friday there are two times a year that you get an extra paycheck, but for me there are two times a year that I have to shop for 6 weeks instead of 4 weeks with the same amount of money. I’ll admit that I didn’t see this coming ahead of time until one month I got to the end and realized it wasn’t the end. Even now that I know of this short coming in my system I still avoid it, in fact I have been avoiding it for 3 months by starting the next months budget a few days before the end of the month. This month my third shopping trip is this Wednesday, a full week before June starts. I have decided to end the cycle and do a quick one week shop with the $48 and change I have left in the budget for May. I guess this is the week to really see what we need compared to stock piling and to really use the coupons only for stuff on the list and not simply because its a good deal. Our grocery ads don’t start until Wednesday so when I make my menu plans I am doing it on blind faith that I can get what I need for a low price, of course this means I change my plans to accommodate the produce and meat that are on sale but over all my plans are more likely to change for reasons other than the sales fliers. The good news is that we have been out of town three weekends in a row this month so there are roughly 5 dinners that were not needed so I suppose that is why we have the extra little bit of money left over. Wish me luck that I can get everything we need with that and I wouldn’t find myself at the register pulling out the debit card rather than the cash envelope.

This week we are probably having…

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Much Love, Aislinn and Emily

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