Menu Planning Monday May 30th: Selecting a holiday potluck menu

I am writing and posting this late Monday night because we have had a super busy weekend here. Paul and I went to Amarillo, which is a 6 hour drive each way, to judge a bbq contest on Friday and came home Saturday. We then made a mad dash to clean the house and prepare food to host a get together here at our house this afternoon. I have had virtually no time to do anything else especially a blog post. I guess you could say that we have been really busy lately and have done a horrible job posting recipes, I promise you its not that we have stopped cooking we just don’t always take the time to photograph them or write up the recipe, but we promise to try harder.


The nice thing about hosting an event is that you get to select the menu and keep most of the left overs. The difficult thing is you have to have your home ready to host people and you have to select and prepare enough food for all your guests and hope that they enjoy what you are serving. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what would be a good menu to serve at a holiday get together because everyone has their favorites and expectations of what they would normally have and what they think it should taste like. I have come to know my friends and family well enough to know what they each think they are the best at making and what I can do to fill in the gaps. I don’t personally have a preference as to what aspect of the meal I make so it works out well this way. If you are looking for suggestions as to where to start I would say assign people to bring side dishes or appetizers that they feel comfortable with and handle the main course, any side dishes you personally would like, one appetizer and a portion of the drinks. I like to have more than one main dish in case some people or the kids don’t like the more interesting of the options. When it comes to holiday events try your best to not have an open mind to the way that other people prepare food.

This week we are having bbq and…


For more tips and ideas check out organizing junkie


Much love, Aislinn and Emily

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