Menu Planning Monday: June 6th: When no one is in the mood to eat according to plan


This doesn’t happen often but from time to time it seems that a week will be completely planned and shopped for but each day is a struggle to get the planned dinner on the table. It’s not so much a change in schedule or anything but more that no one feels like eating the planned meal. Out of the 7 dinners we were supposed to have last week we only ate 3 of them, the other nights ended up being meals borrowed from the rest of the month. I guess you could say this would be another bonus of planning a month at a time is that you have supplies and ideas for a large number of dinners. We had Frito pie one night, which was the first time any of us had ever eaten it but we got the Fritos for free and there aren’t that many things one can do with them. By Friday we were all tired of left overs and grilled/smoked food in general so rather than use more of the extra meat we froze it and made creamy pesto and goat cheese pasta with Italian sausage and green beans over noodles. On Saturday I made one of the pizza recipes I had planned and the other was sort of a clean out the fridge type pizza, not the best but completely edible. This means that I have ingredients left from recipes that were supposed to be made last week so I am going to have to make those dinners in the coming days or at the very least rework the perishable items into this week’s meal plan.

This week we are having recipes from last week and…

For more tips and ideas for menu planning check out organizing junkie

Much love,

Aislinn and Emily

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