As sisters we have lived together for 21 years. The first 15 were as kids of course but the other 6 come from a smattering of times as adults when we have been roommates. We lived together when Emily graduated high school and I moved back from an experiment gone bad, otherwise known as living with your boyfriend at 19. We moved in with a couple of friends and that’s when we first realized that we would actually have to feed our selves.  Our mom was one of those amazing home cooks that can feed a small army with jiffy mix, elbow macaroni and some random canned vegetables from her garden. She did of course make some great food, and some items that we love to this day but for the most part we had to learn recipes from scratch or adapt things we thought we liked but did not know how to make.  She did however give us the basic tools and know how to be able to cook and of course the memories of all that time we spent cooking, canning and baking together that left us with expectation of having that kind of connection to food and family for the rest of our lives .Through college and working we did our best to cook interesting and balanced meals but we ended up in a rut of over cooked chicken and canned vegetables. We then parted ways when I moved to Atlanta and got married and Emily moved to Boston for photography school. She of course had no time to cook but learned to take beautiful pictures of food. I put my culinary efforts into learning how to make new and healthy food, along with food my husband would like as well as menu plan, budget and grocery shop wisely. We now find ourselves living together once again, Emily moved in with us when after graduating this past spring, and we have decided it would be fun to blog our way through exploring our creativity with pictures and recipes.


2 Responses to About

  1. Annie Smallwood says:

    That’s wonderful, Aislinn! Great tips, I’m bookmarking this! 🙂

  2. mom says:

    Hey! I found it and it’s great. looks so pretty-good job to you both. Yes we do have great shared cooking experience. here’s hoping for more ! love you both

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